Nov 7, 2008

Mother & Child

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Following Japan's bombing of Pearl Harbor in Dec. 1941, the United States officially joined World War II. One of the many consequences of these events was that individuals of Japanese origin or descent were evacuated from US coastal regions. In 1988, Congress apologized for that policy. Financial reparations in excess of $1 billion have since been made.

This photo was taken in Nyssa, Oregon in July 1942. Photographer Russell Lee explains: "Japanese-American mother and child at a baseball game. They were evacuated from a coastal area, volunteered to do farm work and now live at the FSA (Farm Security Administration) mobile camp."

A caption associated with another photo in this series notes: "These people volunteered to leave the reception centers to do farm work. When it was apparent that they would not be satisfied to stay unless they had electricity in individual camps, the sugar beet companies and the town of Nyssa arranged for electrical connections."
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